John Newling



29th January 2018


The Earth

Dear Nature

I think it true that we need new, or newly remembered, values within a shrinking set of values within our ecology.

Two places, the gallery and the garden, help me see some possibilities.

The gallery and the garden are habits of learning. Each place brings a sense of challenge and wonder. Each place helps us see the world differently. Each place makes connections between themselves and us.  Each place shares its possibilities as a social space.

Both places encourage us to understand our relationship with our environments; both past, present and future.

The gallery and the garden are generous places. They connect us to ourselves and to you. For me they are places where newly remembered values are debated and evolved.

In our ecology of values they are environments that are significant to many. As places of learning they should be at the heart of all our curricula; schools for our common needs to free our thinking and better connect with us and you.

I like galleries. I like gardens.

I hope you do too.